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Beth Gunter is a psychologist who holds a Master’s of Science in Psychology, along with an Educational Specialist Degree in School Psychology. With a specialization in school psychology she has conducted over 700 psychological assessments for children and adolescents. Her strengths in identifying underlying processing deficits allows for accurate diagnosis and increased understanding of learning disabilities. Assessments are also conducted to evaluate ADHD, emotional and behavioral disorders, autism, developmental delays, and gifted learners. Using the latest technology from Apple and Pearson, she conducts assessments in a primarily digital format, creating increased engagement for examinees. 

Beth also has experience counseling children with various learning, behavioral, emotional, and developmental difficulties. Her partnership with parents is a key component to therapies offered. While the focus of therapy will vary individually, there is a general emphasis on improving functionality and increasing resiliency so that clients and families are better equipped to handle future issues. 

Families of school-aged children and adolescents often need of assistance navigating education systems. Beth’s extensive knowledge of special education law and Section 504 allows her to assist parents in securing appropriate educational services and accommodations. As an educational specialist, she can also provide insight into developing measurable, obtainable IEP goals to improve accountability for progress. Consultative and advocacy services are offered to empower parents so that they can make informed educational decisions for their children.

Professional Organization Membership:

National Association of School Psychologists

Board Certification:

Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Health Professions – Board of Psychology

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