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Assessment & Intervention Development

Gunter Psychological Services, PLLC offers solution-focused assessments

delivered with the latest interactive technology.

All assessments facilitate the development of practical, effective interventions based on

individual strengths and weaknesses. 

Specialized assessments are used for the identification of many conditions, including: learning disabilities; processing disorders; autism;, ADHD; emotional & behavioral disorders; developmental delays; and gifted learners.


Education Consultation & Advocacy

Be confident you child is getting the most from his or her education.

We have extensive knowledge of special education law and experience working in local school disrticts.

Our comprehensive educational services include:

Assistance understanding the special education process and parental rights.

Development of appropriate IEP goals and educational services.

Facilitation of collaboration with schools for improved educational outcomes.

Advocacy and accompaniment to IEP, eligibility, and other meetings.

Assistance obtaining learning accommodations for college-bound students. 

Counseling & Parent Supports

Counseling services are available to address common social and mental health issues such as: anxiety; depression; coping with ADHD; social skills deficits; reduced confidence; self-advocacy; school refusal; and, coping with loss and grief. 

Parents can also find assistance and support in managing day-to-day parenting challenges as well as more severe emotional and behavioral difficulties. 

Unlock Learning Potential

& Enhance Performance


Photos by: Will Folsom cc license

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